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Message from the Pastor

What do you want in a church?

    Through my years of ministry, I’ve learned that it’s difficult to find a church where you feel like you really belong. Everyone has his or her unspoken list of preferences, and every church congregation has its own strengths and weaknesses. Finding a match is not easy.

    If you can find a place where people welcome you, show interest in you, introduce you to others, invite you to return, and remember you when you return, this is a place where you can feel at home. Now if you can add faithful proclamation of the Scripture, believing prayer, and uplifting worship, you’ve found a treasure worth keeping.

    I want to lead that kind of congregation, and we want to be that kind of church.

    We’re innovative and forward-looking. We think church should focus on relationships.

      • Relationships encourage spiritual growth, transform attitudes, and build disciples.
      • Relationship is the stuff that fills the cracks of life and holds us up when we’re struggling.
      • Relationships enrich life by helping us change the ways that we think and act.

    What do you get when you choose to worship with us?
      • A sense of expectation that God can minister to the needs of every worshiper.
      • Music based in Scripture, focused on God, and selected to lift our spirits into worship.
      • Prayer that expects answers from God.
      • Preaching that explains Holy Scripture and tells what it means for us.
      • Discussion that applies Scripture and encourages clear thinking.
      • Time to visit over coffee both before and after worship.

    Lifeline Community Church is a congregation of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, a denomination that is strongly committed to the truth and values of the Bible and to Reformed theology as expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith.

    ~ Pastor David Johnston