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I consulted a small church of 50 members in Pennsylvania that embarked upon a small group journey ten years before they contacted me for support… During my initial visit, I found a few things they could do differently to grow larger in numbers. More than any other discoveries for improvement, I found that they were doing a lot of things right…

This church is practicing an alternative way of being the church, a way that stands in stark contrast from our culture and from the ”easy believism” found in many churches in their area that are experiencing numeric growth. What they’ve developed over the last ten years is beautiful, but it does not fit conventional expectations. They are a mustard seed movement of something different, a remnant that is now asking far more powerful questions and is forming a grass roots movement of group life that moves beyond small group structures and numbers.

By Scott Boren, “Equipping Pastor” at Hosanna Church in Houston Texas and a church consultant: From his book MissioRelate.

Boren, M. Scott (2011-05-17). MissioRelate: Becoming a church of missional small groups (Kindle Locations 1121-1146). TOUCH Publications, Inc., Houston, Texas. Kindle Edition.

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